All Eyes On G Matthews

Last time G Matthews was in the vicinity she was “Chasing Happy,” and it seems she’s still all about the motion of the music as her latest single is “Keep On Going.” Only this time around she’s got an an amazing visual to go with her sound. Not a video like you’d expect, but a comic book approach. We talked about the single from her upcoming release Superhero, people watching and much more!

Kendra: Was there a particular comic or graphic novel that inspired you to take that approach when it came to adding a visual to your single, “Keep On Going?”

G Matthews: I do love Marvel comics however, I didn’t pull any inspiration from them. I actually found an artist via Instagram and just said, “Hey, can you draw me as a superhero?!” She said that she’s never drawn a comic before but would love to. And that was that.

Kendra: If you had to place that single in an upcoming comic book themed movie, which would it be absolutely perfect for and why?

G Matthews: Well, I know Transformers didn’t really have a comic, but I’d love for it to be placed in a movie like that! I think my song has a lot of punch and power and can give you a motivating combative energy.

Kendra: You’ve said you’re a people watcher (so am I!), and living in SoCal is a great place to do that activity. Do you have a place that’s perfect for that hobby?

G Matthews: I like to people watch everywhere I go, haha. One of my favorite places is Disneyland.

Kendra: Have any of your songs ever been written or spawned from a people watching session?

G Matthews: No. Not yet I’m sure one day it will happen though.

Kendra: Now let’s talk about people watching you. Will you be playing any shows in the coming months, or touring?

G Matthews: I don’t have any shows lined up just yet but I am preparing to put together a short run of shows for later this year.

Kendra: Any other musical plans for this year so far?

G Matthews: Planning to do some more writing with other producers and lend my voice to a few of my friend’s projects.

Kendra: You’re taking a trip to Disneyland in the morning (wouldn’t that be awesome) and you’ve been put in charge of the road trip music. What four songs are on your Disney Day mixtape?

G Matthews: Hmmmm….
Ain’t It Fun” – Paramore
In My Feelings” – Kehlani
…something from Rob Zombie
Way Back” – Travis Scott


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