ACES: Stranger

In a week’s time I will reach a milestone in age that most TV shows about white people living in big cities seem to dread; 30. Seven days to go and I’m not the least bit freaked, but more so just hoping to get it over and done with as there’s too much to do instead of focusing on that. Perhaps I’ll celebrate big at 31, but for now I’m sitting and enjoying a mini-music break with ACES’ debut, Stranger. An album poised full of ironic romance fans of Lana Del Rey and Lorde would find themselves taking part in.

Three songs deep, this debut EP comes from a girl who made her way south from the land of Drake to that of Jay Z. No hip hop involved in Stranger though, just pop music on ice; chilled just right. “If I Could Be Your Girl” never goes crazy with this or that, but delivers everything in time, while the title track – musically – sounds like something we heard on the new (and best) Bieber album to date. What I loved though was the imagery spawned from “Baby, I Don’t Mean to Ignore.” She may be in Brooklyn, but she serves up a cruise down PCH in slow motion with this one.

Pop music has come a long way since the days of “MMMBop” (which turns 20 this year, what?). Gone are the insane runs, pieces that make no sense and in their place are reliable synths, and mature lyrics that give way to a grown up experience. If that’s what you’re wanting in your pop today, check out ACES’ Stranger, out April 21.


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