Popping Records with Ella Knox

Ella Knox readily admits that when it comes to dating, she has “no game” but thankfully it’s not her job to land a night out. Instead she’s a songwriter with a set of pipes who feels being in a city “full of a bunch of imaginative, weird, crazy people” like herself in LA is a full advantage when it comes to making her presence known in music. Which she is doing right now with her latest single, “Play Me (Broken Record).” We talked of that, helping out and more…

Kendra: What led you towards pop music?

Ella Knox: I feel it’s the one genre that you can experiment with all sorts of different musical elements…I initially started music in a rock band at 14, but I always had a desire to do pop music.

Kendra: Now let’s talk about this latest single, “Play Me (Broken Record).” Was this inspired more so by an actual song you couldn’t get out of your head, or by someone?

Ella: I’m a songwriter and I actually wrote this in mind for Rihanna initially…but later decided to release it myself.

Kendra: Is there one song you cannot stand to have stuck in your head?

Ella: Ha…a few too many but a catchy tune is a catchy tune…Who am I to hate?!

Kendra: Will this single be joined this year by more singles, or a full album?

Ella: Surprises surprises…

Kendra: You’re not shy about being pro-choice, which – awesome! But have you ever thought of making music that’s aimed to help Planned Parenthood?

Ella: Being an inner city kid and having no health insurance most of my life- Planned Parenthood provided me with a lot of my girl needs when I couldn’t afford to go to the doctors…I love places like this, but here’s my honest opinion…

We ALL go through ups and downs but not everyone has people who can afford to help them or care for them. I’ve started from 0 so many time in my life and had to keep getting back up and going again that I usually shop at the dollar store when that happens…

My point is this…When you are up in life- help out. And when you are down and no one is there to help you – It IS necessary to have organizations that provide some level of care, so that we may shop at the dollar tree when we can’t afford it and we may get back on our feet and help others out to get on their feet again as well.

As far as making music for Planned Parenthood… Well I’ve never written a song about my cervix directly so…Let me think about that one…

Kendra: “Play Me” is out now, but what else is on the current agenda for you, musically speaking?

Ella: I’m going out on tour in the U.K. in a couple weeks and hopefully looking to do a US tour afterwards.. #fingerscrossed

Kendra: Since we’ve talked about broken records, if you had to make a mixtape of songs you could play over and over again but never tire of…what five would have to be on there?

Ella: Only 5? Ah.. ok.. umm…(in no particular order)
Pink – “Don’t Let Me Get Me
Pearl Jam – “Black
Miranda Lambert – “Baggage Claim
Eminem – “Lose Yourself
Paramore – “Only Exception


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