Wild Arrows: Dreamlike Dream

Waiting is hard to do, especially for new music. Thankfully it’s only been a couple of years since Wild Arrows’ debut, Tell Everyone, made quite the impression on the world. Now they’re back with their sophomore release…Dreamlike Dream; a pop album with a dark side.

A bit on the trippy side when you walk into songs like “Oh-H” and “Seahorse/Hummingbird.” The second mentioned being a drama scene that mirrors something similar to Silversun Pickups minus the chaotic Brian Aubert breakdowns. Aesthetically this album played like something you’d hear in something from the But I’m a Cheerleader soundtrack, especially lead single “Dark Me.” The shade strewn throughout give it this edge that sets the tone for the rest that follows, like the eccentric but cool “Nervous.” In the end the two songs that I kept circling like a lion to its prey were “Alphabet Girl” and “Dead Ends.” One had the striking lyrics and the other allowed for a lot of movement.

Those who stumbled upon Wild Arrows two years ago won’t be disappointed, and neither will the new listeners coming on board. Lucky for the new guys – the wait isn’t as long. This electronic meets pop meets synth Dreamlike Dream drops April 14th.

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