Tashaki Miyaki: The Dream

11:48. I wish it was almost noon instead of midnight because in a little more than five hours I have to wake, shower and be ready for a day of awkward smiles and clinical hellos. Bed is where I should be but instead I’m up pitter pattering away about an album that was way more serene than my current mental state. Tashaki Miyaki’s The Dream is like a delicate painting in downtown museum; beauty amongst the grit.

Before knowing they even called the city of Los Angeles home, I frantically typed “Silver Lake” next to “Out of My Head.” Not meant as a diss in any way, but I could see them performing this amongst the hipsters and dreamers that collect in a place like the Bootleg Theater. I could also hear a song like that as the backdrop to that Netflix show Love where the actuality of love is often misconstrued. Anyways, The Dream. A perfectly placed title on an album that felt like one. Serene with “Get It Right,” and a calm chaos erupting with “City” as the music as smooth as silk, but with lyrics that caused a rough wind to blow in the mind; we are but small pieces in a big world. What I personally loved though was the elegance of the strings in “Keep In Mind.”

The clock mocks as it’s past midnight now. Bed is where I’ll soon be. Dreaming, possibly with Tashaki Miyaki’s music as the soundtrack. A soundtrack filled with indie pop with a ‘60s twist that would make a modern day hippy smile with much less awkwardness than my own face will have tomorr – today when I wake. If you’re into that psychedelic meets indie sound, check out The Dream, out April 7.

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