Siamese: The Mesmerist

Yes, Texas has Austin and they like to get weird or whatever but often times our minds still gravitate towards a particular sound whenever we hear about an artist elsewhere in the Lone Star state. Well it’s safe to say Siamese are far from anything I had my mind set on. Their debut The Mesmerist is like Lana Del Rey meets the theater with an ambien in hand.

The album starts with an epic intro that builds you up as a listener. “Goldmind” comes for you hard, but then backs off with a sense of serenity. Then that’s kind of where the rest of the album resides the rest of the ride through. Only things did get a little trippy with “Older Hands Prevail” and “Chromatose,” a fitting name as the music had this lucid touch. In the end “Hounds at Sunset” stood out just because while it fit in with its siblings in The Mesmerist, it did feel the most modern. Well like a modern throwback. It was like a song Rebecca Pearson would sing in This Is Us after leaving the band; a redefining moment.

We all have our minds programmed to think this and that when we hear of a particular place, and because of that we’ll always be surprised when something comes and shifts that programming. Much like Siamese did. They are not a country band, they are an avant garde meets indie rock outlet who give way to audible art with their debut The Mesmerist, out now. Also make sure to catch them on tour starting March 29th in Amarillo, Texas.


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