Jessie Early: Wild Honey

Some sounds from Nashville this week came through. Missing though was any sort of twang. In its place a delicate mix of indie and pop from Jessie Early on her debut EP, Wild Honey. Typically I ask artists to describe their records in a few words. If it were up to me, Wild Honey’s trio would consist of beautiful, captivating and movement.

“Baby Can’t Hold” and the title track allow for the beauty. Jessie’s voice has a soothing essence to it that allows for it to mold into the music that surrounds each note. As far as captivating, “Restless Heart” transports you to a show where you see nothing by Jessie on stage with one spotlight illuminating her performance. Then the movement. That came through in an ironic somber sort of way with “Holy Ghost,” as well as with her lead single, “Heart.” When the chorus kicks in on “Heart,” you can’t help but want to be up on your feet. Something that isn’t foreign to the EP, but dance does not own this album – the vocal performance does. It’s a singer-songwriter album with some moves.

Jessie Early has worked in music for some time doing it up writing music for brands and television shows, but on her debut she’s her own person writing for herself and what comes of it is an album inspired by human emotion through and through. Sincere and honest with some pop moments tossed in, Wild Honey is a well done debut. So make sure to check out Wild Honey, out March 31.


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