GML: Short & Sweet

Not too much on the tour front, but Daisyhead will be heading out from Orlando to Oklahoma City next month. See the dates from April 13th through almost the end of May above. In June My Morning Jacket will be out for a healthy run here and there from Ohio to Massachusetts starting at the end of the month and going through August 12th. In between that tour, Sublime With Rome will start their own in July where they’ll spend a couple of weeks from Washington to Canada. Then come September they’ll hit the road with those fly white guys The Offspring for about a month. A quick note about a few awesome bands to see in the coming months, and now some artists you can see right now because they have new videos below!

King No-One “Antichrist”

Tei Shi “How Far”

Saint Motel “Sweet Talk”

Diana Hickman “South Of Your Thoughts”

Jerry Williams “I’m Not in Love With You”


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