All The While with Hand Habits

Photo Credit: Chantal Anderson

Last month Hand Habits was all over the east coast with her latest release that also happened to drop around that time, Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void). She rocked a trench coat, tossed in a cover and a gifted piece of black tourmaline from a friend on her for luck. Currently she’s in Austin, TX for a handful of dates at SXSW. Actually, make sure to keep tabs on her here to see where she’ll be the rest of the week! If you’re not in Austin, then this back and forth with her about east vs. west, changes and more will definitely suffice.

Kendra: When you first got your guitar you were heavy into pot and dating, like many teens, and kind of ignored it. Do you ever think of where you’d be today if you’d never realized your love of the instrument?

Hand Habits: I think of it often! I would likely be a bartender or waitress. In the positive alternate reality I’m a mechanic.

Kendra: The good news is that you did find your way to the guitar and now you’ve got your debut Wildy Idle (Humble Before The Void). Recorded here and there in Upstate New York and LA, when you listen back – does it have more of an east or west coast feel to it?

Hand Habits: Completely west coast, to me. I’ve always felt drawn to that part of the world, and when I moved west I felt more relaxed than I ever had. Now, as I’m on tour on the east coast headed to my hometown overnight, I can admire the beauty of the snow shadows but not so secretly wishing they were the shadows of palms.

Kendra: One song off there that really stuck out was “Book On How to Change,” and it made me want to ask if you were to write a book about that topic, what would the first chapter be about?

Hand Habits: Hmm well if I was the one who was writing it (which I wouldn’t) the first chapter would be about how to become aware of yourself.

Kendra: You’ve now done the solo and the band thing and seem to enjoy both, but which one do you feel brings out your creative side more?

Hand Habits: I get this question a lot, in many different forms. Ultimately I feel a very unique sense of creative satisfaction within each role, and they cross reference each other constantly. I like to leave room for a lot of space in either position. It’s knowing what kind of space,
or figuring out what kind of space that is challenging.

Kendra: What else do you have planned musically now?

Hand Habits: More touring between this project and Kevin Morby’s band, hopefully working on a guitar record, writing songs, taking space for mental rest.

Kendra: Say you were asked to make an official “Greater LA (Scene)” mixtape. What five songs would have to be on it?

Hand Habits:
Grouper- “Headache
Remambran- “Median of Yr Street
Ruth Garbus- “My Apple
MV&EE- “Much Obliged
Mount Eerie and Julie Dorion- “Lost Wisdom

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