GML: Music, Music, Music

actually kicked off their current run last night and will be out and about through the end of April here in the states. Then once summer rolls around the UK will get a piece of the action. Come the 16th of this month Local Natives will be starting their run in Toronto. From there they’ll wind down at the Beyonceless Coachella. If you miss them now, they’ll be back on the road here and there between May and August. Continuing with tours that start this month, Palehound will be on the east coast for about a week; from Vermont to Rhode Island starting on the 22nd. Hembree will also start around then on the 25th for a short run. Don’t worry Hembree will be back at it April 24th in Omaha for a handful of dates through the end of that month. A little something something this week, and now for some videos!

Woodes “Bonfire”

Roosevelt “Moving On”

Andy Oliveri & the Moutianeers “Sky Candy”

Where Fires Are “I’ve Got The Time”

Sløtface “Empire Records”


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