The Next Steps for Polly Baker

Some kids know what they want to do from an early age. That’s the truth for Polly Baker. She was a creative kid with big dreams and even wrote about them long ago. We talked about that, other aspirations on the table, her time with Chanel West Coast, where she’ll go next with her country pop style and much more…

Kendra: Do you think you would’ve found music if you hadn’t come up in such a musical family?

Polly Baker: I would really hope so! On the flip side, not a lot of people know that I really was into tap dancing from the age of 5 all through high school (I aspired to be part of the Radio City Rockettes!). So, if I hadn’t found music, I would have loved to pursue dancing or potentially acting.

Kendra: You penned your first song at 10 and named it “Dreams.” Would you say the dreams you had then are the same you have now?

Polly: Most definitely. When I was writing that song, I remember writing out the track-listing for the songs I would want to record on my first CD and I would practice singing the songs in front of my mirror, using my hairbrush as the microphone. It’s still hard for me to believe that I’ve had the opportunity to record an album!

Kendra: Coming from Northern Virginia and now living in LA, what are some major differences in the music scenes did you notice right away?

Polly: Northern VA and LA are actually pretty similar when it comes to the music scene. In NoVA, there were only a handful of music venues to play at and I found myself performing either at the local coffee shop or the town’s outdoor venue (during the warmer months). Some nights I would play for only the employee’s at the coffee shop and some nights there would be a full house. I’ve had the same experiences in LA since everything and everyone is so spread out.

Kendra: Sound wise where do you feel you’ll go from your 2016 debut the next time you hit the studio?

Polly: While I truly consider myself to be pop-country, I find inspiration from all genres of music. The next time I hit the studio, I’m hoping to really hone in on what I consider to be my “sound” and what makes my music unique. I’m collaborating with different artists and writers for my next record–and I simply want to make the best music I can.

Kendra: Being a country girl with a pop vibe, how did Chanel West Coast’s fans treat you when you opened for her?

Polly: I opened for Chanel West Coast back in 2014 for an outdoor summer festival in Sacramento, CA. It’s kind of a funny story actually because It must have been 110 degrees outside and the festival was in an open field–so limited shaded areas. About 500 feet from where I was performing, there was a covered picnic area, so the audience was all huddled under the awning. I think that Chanel’s tour bus broke down on the way, so she ended up showing up to the festival several hours later after I was already on the way back to LA! All in all, I found her audience to be pretty receptive to my music (and I threw in a country cover of “Fancy” in the middle of my set–so that may have helped!).

Kendra: Will you be playing with her again in the new year, or do you have your own shows planned so far?

Polly: I’ve played a couple shows already this year with one of my friends, W!ldcard and I am looking forward to playing more dates with him coming up, as well as more shows of my own!

Kendra: What plans do you have for 2017?

Polly: Besides writing for my next record, I’m planning to release my first full length record this fall and I’m planning for a summer tour. There’s a lot in the works–I just want to keep performing and creating music.

Kendra: Usually we all say we’re “so bad at saying goodbye,” but you sing of being “Good At Goodbyes.” With that, if you had to make a stellar “Goodbye” mixtape that’d cause no tears, what five songs would have to be on it?

“80’s Mercedes” by Maren Morris
“Nothin’ Like You” by Dan & Shay
“California Girl” by Shwayze (I sing on this track!)
“Long Hot Summer” by Keith Urban
“Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard


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