No Thank You: Jump Ship

You know how when you were younger and you could never understand why Topanga was with Cory instead of Shawn because to you outer appearance was everything? Then as you get older you realize he was a sweetheart, and that’s why you have to look deeper into someone before you make a decision…Well that’s how I felt listening to No Thank You’s Jump Ship. At first I was ready to write this off due to not really feeling what they were pushing what sounded like a mixtape from the Northwest circa 1994. Instead though I listened while reading along and absolutely fell in love with this record that concerns cold hearts and knowing someone’s bad for you, but wanting them anyways.

Being completely honest, I was ready to jump ship because “Eyeballs” sent some creepy seance vibes. That all flew out the window as soon as “Cold” came through with a very moody demeanor, coming on like the musical version of Daria. Then out of nowhere things sort of lightened up and sounded like we stepped into a whole new song with the swift tempo change. Here is also where you hear the first of two songs that refer to a colder heart than normal. Which I thought was ironic sense the other theme centered around having someone exit your life, but wanting them back despite the parting being negative. Which is what you heard full on in both “Teeter” and “Old News.”

Thematics aside, I loved the pace and hook of “Juicy J,” but also the slaying effect of “The Unbearable Purposelessness Of Being.” Up until that last song I was feeling “Cold” as my personal favorite, but the line in “Unbearable” stating “you can’t rely on someone whose problems stay the same” made me say out loud, “YES.” Totally relatable for 20-somethings because they’ve been through some real shit by that age, they’ve had events in their life that may’ve frozen their hearts over, or they’ve had people enter and exit their lives – but in most cases kind of want them back for one reason or another.

All in all this album at first was not one I’d want to date, but then after giving it a chance and getting to know it deeper, it was pure love. While a definite listen for those who love that Northwest alternative scene sound (but with a Philly flare as that’s where this trio hails from), those who appreciate a well crafted set of lyrics about topics that feel more relevant in their present lives will want to check out No Thank You’s Jump Ship, out now.


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