GML: In Too Deep

Hurry up and don’t sleep on this, Thelma will be at Suny Purchase in New York tonight, and then in Brooklyn at the Silent Barn tomorrow. She’ll then take a break before heading out right before April starts for a couple of weeks. After she closes out her tour in Pennsylvania on April 13, she’ll play Shea Stadium a week later on the 21st. Next Friday Save Face will head out for a month from New Jersey to Ohio. Make sure to check out those dates below, and also make sure to note that Charly Bliss will also start their tour around the same time. On March 11th they’ll be in Georgia. From there they’ll be on and off the road until mid-June with the bulk of their dates being in April and May. They also have a video to check out below but don’t head there just yet.

First we gotta talk about Homesake’s West Coast Tour that starts in Reno on April 7th and ends in Reno on the 17th. A short run, but one that should be a great one. The same goes for Sum 41 who’ll be starting a huge tour on April 21st with Pierce The Veil. That is definitely going to bring two generations of fans together as the two bands co-headline from Colorado to Oklahoma for a month. Before we check out this week’s video picks, can we just all reminiscence about this Sum 41 classic? Okay, now check out this weeks!


Bordeen “Ocean Tide”

Off Bloom “Falcon Eye”

Dutch Uncles “Oh Yeah”

Kais “Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”

Charly Bliss “Percolator”


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