Dynasty Pushes Straight Up Authenticity

Photo Credit: Eight20Eight Inc.
Photo Credit: Eight20Eight Inc.

When it comes to running the world, Dynasty has her plans all laid out. Not only a skilled emcee, she’s also a youth advocate pushing change and positivity on the kids of America. That’s not something every artist can say they’re playing a first hand role in. We talked about her work empowering young minds, as well as her rhymes and even more in our back and forth.

Kendra: Do you feel you would’ve found your voice in hip hop in the same manner that you have if you came up in say the Midwest verses Queens seeing how hip hop is so interlaced within that community already?

Dynasty: Hmm, considering how heavily influenced I am by my city, I think if I came up anywhere else my style might still be the same. That East Coast golden era sound is my fav and that’s what I came up on. I think I would have been influenced by it wherever I was.

Kendra: You’ve been dubbed the “spit queen,” with that – what would your kingdom look like in your wildest dreams?

Dynasty: Yes, Premier called me that! My “Queendom” would just be a dope, peaceful place. All of my favorite artists would visit whenever they were summoned, but they’d actually want to come because everyone there would be loyal fans. See…to live in my kingdom you gotta love Talib, Chance, Lauryn, Mos, Cole, Nas and everybody else I love. Oh, and we would have 24-hour Chick Fil A’s, open on Sundays.

Kendra: You’ve also got The PUSH Project. Can you share a little more about that?

Dynasty: Yes, of course. The PUSH Project is my youth initiative that aims to empower via music and the arts. I visit schools, juvenile detention programs and other organizations that serve youth and perform and build with the young ones. The goal is to connect with them through the music and leave them with some wisdom and skills that they can use in their everyday lives. Also, to show them what happens when you commit to your dreams.

Kendra: In “One Day” you say, “…think about how I want people to remember me.” When it’s all said and done, what three words do you hope people always identify with you and why?

Dynasty: Authentic. Light. Love. I hope that people will remember that I was always real and always true to myself. I hope that they will say that whenever I was around I made them feel light and I changed the energy in the room. Lastly, I hope that they will remember that I moved out of love and that their love got me by on more days than they will ever know.

Kendra: In 2016 you toured Europe. I know quite a bit of US emcees who head over there. How is American hip hop treated over there?

Dynasty: I love touring in Europe. The love is so real. They really appreciate the music and the artists. One of my favorite things is hanging with the crowd after each show.

Kendra: Will you be touring the US in 2017?

Dynasty: I am actually working on that right now. It’s not as easy since I don’t have a US agent, but its going to happen. It’s a must!

Kendra: Going off your “Greatness” track, if you had to make a mixtape that showcased the greatness of hip hop, what five songs would have to be on it?

Dynasty: That’s hard. I’m just gonna name five of my fav joints.
Lauryn Hill – “Lost Ones
Blackstar – “Definition
Chance The Rapper – “Blessings
Nas – “The World Is Yours
Me and Premier – “Epic Dynasty


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