Wrapped in the Covers: Paramore “Grow Up”

Search the “Paramore” tag on this site and you’ll find a lot on their self-titled album. Still one I can put on and lose myself to, I am forever enamored by the reality of the lyrics. Coming into my life when I needed it most, it’s a personal favorite that continues to hold my hand when life takes some drastic turns. Most importantly, this song – “Grow Up” – continues to remind me that I’m not the 16-year-old fat kid who whispered under her breath most days about this and that, but in fact a woman who is almost 30. A woman who needs to face even the toughest times head on because sitting there and whining about life, it gets jack shit done. Yeah, life is unfair but I’ll cry just a little and then dry my eyes. Listening to this on repeat in recent weeks, it had to be the main dish of this week’s covers. Now let’s listen to these gals and guy’s take.

Megan Gore


Gavin Osorio


Amber Dior


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