Lazertits On Legolas, Calendars and Boss Bitches

Photo Credit: Simon Aubor
Photo Credit: Simon Aubor

Amy feels that she and her four best friends that make up the Lazertits have been like a snowball of sorts when it came to meeting and coming together. Two school friends that later met their third thanks to a Vines obsession, they found their fourth through a series of parties and then five years ago landed their fifth and final BFF when Vick moved to their neck of the woods from Sweden. Just friends at first who bonded over any and everything, they soon found themselves playing music together a few years ago – thus Lazertits was born. Fast forward to today and they are stronger than ever, making calendars for charity and raising money to bring new music to the world. We covered all of that and more when we sat down with all five for a little back and forth chat.

Kendra: When it came time to film your bomb ass video for “Boss Bitch,” who were some of your fashion icons from the ‘80s that came to mind in terms of wardrobe?

Lexi: We took major inspo from the Go-Go’s in their video for “Our Lips are Sealed,” but went for a more Wall Street Power Woman aesthetic. We loved Melanie Griffiths character’s wardrobe in the film Working Girl for the huge shoulder pads and bouffant hair, and the 80’s goddess that is Grace Jones, who rocked the structured suit in just about every colour palette imaginable.

Kendra: The song really resonates with what’s going on in the world right now, especially with the women’s marches that went on around the world in January. Were any of you able to attend in your area?

Amy: We were actually in Sydney over the weekend playing some shows, and unfortunately didn’t figure out where the march was (or our brains, post-9 hour drive the day before) in time to make it. BUT we did attend a post-march picnic organized by the wonderful Sydney-based singer Montaigne for women in the music industry. We’d been told about the picnic the night before at our gig, and we were so grateful to have been invited. We weren’t able to stay long but it was really comforting and inspiring to see that community nourished by some badass babes, their cute dogs and heaps of hummus.

Kendra: Along with singing with such fervor about the badassery of women, you’re also involved with a LGBTQ organization. Half of the proceeds from your calendar, which we’ll get to in a second, go towards Minus 18. When did you guys become involved with them?

Amy: A good friend of ours works for Minus18 and we were already aware of their amazing work. Given that the calendar was more for our own amusement than to necessarily get more people to listen to our music, we felt like the proceeds should contribute to something constructive. It seemed like an obvious choice to fund raise for Minus18.

Kendra: So yeah, a calendar…Typical for pop acts, but not too many punk bands. Was there any pop act you may’ve loved back in the day whose calendar you once had on your wall?

Lexi: No pop bands but someone gave me an Orlando Bloom calendar one time…but I only really fancied him with the long blonde Legolas wig, so it did nothing for me.

Kendra: But really, the other half of the calendar sales are going towards recording new music this year. Have you guys already started writing the new album yet? If so, how’s it varying from your 2016 EP?

Lexi: Yeah we’ve got a few songs down already, and we’re taking some time off shows to write and record the demos over the next month. They’re already sounding pretty different as some of us **cough cough me** are getting better at their instruments and actually know what the fuck we’re doing now. We’re still sticking with the same pacey, punchy vibes but the songs have much more structure and drive carrying through them now.

Kendra: Other than working on new music, what else do you guys have going on this year?

Amy: Depending on what we all get up to personally, we’d really like to do a tour that stretches beyond one city/weekend at a time. And try to convince someone to let us play at a legit festival (ya hear that Aunty Meredith?). Also we’re aiming to wear matching outfits on stage a lot more.

Kendra: Now if you had to make a “Boss Bitch” mixtape, what five songs would have to be on it?

Amy: Willow Smith – “Female Energy” – I heard this song for the first time when I was in the bath drinking Prosecco with a very special best friend of mine and it made me feel so grateful for female friendships, which seem to intrinsically have a sacred sparkly magical edge to them and give me a lot of strength!

Lexi: Miss June – “Matriarchy” – we played with Miss June when they were over from New Zealand last year and was blown away by the singer Annabel – her presence and command of the audience was definitely Boss Bitchin!!

Em: Solange – “Cranes in the Sky” – This is simply the best song that ever existed.

Vick: Body Type – “Ludlow” – We just played with these babes in Sydney. They’re coming up at the moment and absolutely killing it. Not only are they super talented, have an amazing film clip to this song but they’re also just downright legends!

Rose: Patti Smith – “Glitter in their Eyes” – I’ve fallen deeply in love with Patti Smith in the past year and feel silly that I wasn’t before, how could I have wasted all this time? I was somewhat a fan previously, but am now addicted to Patti the Boss Bitch, especially after reading her stunningly beautiful book Just Kids. If you haven’t read this yet, go buy it now! It may even inspire you to get killer bangs like it did me. She’s the ultimate BB, wonderfully talented and doesn’t give a fuck.


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