Amaranthe Takes on North America and More

Not too long ago Amaranthe kicked off their North American tour down south in Texas, and tonight they’ll be hitting up Colorado as they deliver the rock with their latest release, Maximalism. Before they headed out, their own Elize was nice enough to talk about her packing routines, the unexpected things you run into on tour, the metal scene and more…Once you’re done reading what she had to say, make sure to catch them in a city near you through the beginning of March!

Kendra: When it comes to preparing for tour, do you have it down to a science or are you still a last minute, do whatever sort of packer?

Elize: I am 100% the last minute packer! Lately I been doing the packing the same day as the flight, in the morning. Because that makes me most motivated, and I usually make my best decisions under stress, and in situations where I’m allowed to be spontaneous. So it works best for me. It’s a good mind-trick to make the days ‘on the run’ seem shorter.

Kendra: You can remember the clothes, the gear, the itineraries – but what’s one thing you can never prepare for when you head out on tour?

Elize: The food. And the bed. I wish I could just build my own Tempur-bed before moving into the bus. And the people of course, you can not getting prepare of knowing what kind of relationship you are going to end up have with the people you meet on a tour. Some, can just end up not really being as nice as they appear to be in the public, and some you thought different about can end up becoming your friend for life.

Kendra: One last one about the road. After this early spring run…will you be back to it soon after?

Elize: Yes, I’ll be home only a few days, and then I´m off to Japan to join Gus G on his tour there. And then Amaranthe continues as usual with tours and summer festivals spread all over the world.

Kendra: Moving on a bit. In your opinion, what’s the biggest difference between metal from the UK and metal from the US?

Elize: The American and UK metal scenes can be quite similar with more modern bands, but I guess the UK is a bit more “European” in its taste, with more power/epic/pagan metal bands featured. The US is generally a bit more trend sensitive, especially in regards to the more popular acts.

Kendra: We can hear for ourselves on Maximalism, which dropped last fall. When it comes to that record, what song or lyric do you see yourself most in, and why?

Elize: Endlessly, Boomerang and Limitless are my three most personal songs ever written for Amaranthe. It’s a pretty obvious message, they are brave songs, straightforward. On the other hand they allow you to read between the lines and even to form your own truth around what it’s really about.

Kendra: You’ve described your sound as modern melodic metal. Easy enough, but if you could replace a movie soundtrack with Maximalism, which movie would be the best fit to really get your sound and style across to the masses?

Elize: Mission Impossible is the movie that describes Amaranthe’s Maximalism the best to begin with. But towards the end of the album, it’s like we Transform (Transformers) and end up as one of the most classic romantic movies Titanic.

Kendra: Are you itching to do another record already?

Elize: Yes! Writing an album has always been like summing the time that passed and the different emotions, happenings and things you’ve experienced along the way. So, we released the album in October and we finalized it already in the summer. So between June and December I already had enough ideas to start working on the next album. Funny enough what I do, is that I collaborate with other producers and write songs for other artists. I just had one of them sent to Kylie Minogue and Celine Dion.

Kendra: What’s the rest of 2017 look like so far after this tour?

Elize: We are having a short tour in Sweden followed by lots of dates in our second home country Finland. Festivals in the summer, and then after that we are keeping the schedule open for now to hopefully allow new exciting happenings to conquer our path. In the end of December we have two shows in Russia.

Kendra: The band puts you in charge of the road playlist, what five songs have to be on this mixtape?

Attila – “Moshpit
Christina Aguilera – “Dirrty
Kamelot – “Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
The Outhere Brothers – “Boom Boom
Gus G – “What Lies Below


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