The Courtneys: The Courtneys II

Waiting for the doctors to come in to say if we continue our stay on the sixth floor overlooking UCLA students going and coming as they pass the hospital every second of the day. Growing weary of the medical talk, I start to drown it out with The Courtneys’ The Courtneys II. An obvious sophomore followup to their 2013 debut. Reminiscent of the alternative rock of the ‘90s that relied on a dreamscape of sound, this record played like a long night of slumber.

Liking one song on The Courtneys II guarantees you’ll enjoy the rest. A uniform sound and style throughout, with very little to showcase change – this album was like the musical version of the Lisbon sisters from The Virgin Suicides. It’s also comparable to that movie because of the milky haze each track conveys as they sing of missing someone in “Minnesota” and switch things up just a bit with Virgo.” Their lead single though, “Silver Velvet,” really took you back to that same era, but instead of a Sofia Coppola movie, the scene was in a teen movie at the end when prom was in full effect.

The doctors are still wandering the halls as I wind down my thoughts on this album from a Vancouver trio. If you’re a fan of alternative rock from the ‘90s, then make sure to get your hands on The Courtneys II, out on Flying Nun Records February 17th.


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