GML: The Darkest Days

Back after a week of stressing in a hospital…well I’m still at the hospital, but the stress is a slow simmer and not boiling over at the moment. Anyways, Cameron Avery will be heading out for about a month starting March 9 in New York. Also starting up in March, Truck Fighters will be doing a two-week run come the 15th in California. They won’t end too far away in Arizona on the 31st. Last up for March, The Browning will be getting started March 21 in Illinois, and then will head here and there through April 15 before they close out the tour in Indiana. You can check out all of their dates below. A little far off, but Ten Fé’ will be on the road from June 6th through the 16th. A quick, but fun run that’ll have them going coast to coast from New York to San Francisco. Now for this week’s video picks!


Honeyblood “Babes Never Die”

Bernache “Your Name”

Our Darkest Days feat. Michel Garcia “The Burden of My Sins”

Blood Youth “Reason To Stay”

Betti “Ordinary”

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