The Inner Disputes and Art of Fleurie

Come the end of 2016 Nashville’s own Fleurie was still working hard. While most would break for the holidays, she was releasing videos, simultaneously promoting two releases that sat a year apart. Arrows and Love and War are both immaculate collections of music that’s found its way time and time again in movies and on TV. We talked of that, where she’s at now both personally and musically, and so much more…

Kendra: With a new album in 2016, what made you continue to push singles from 2015’s Arrows?

Fleurie: You know, I started five music videos in January of 2016 (a year in which I had no intention of releasing a new record, actually) – one for each song on Arrows – and I didn’t finish them all until late last summer, the year got crazy. I still wanted to share them with my fans, who have been not only so loyal and kind to me but also so encouraging. I knew that was gonna seem a weird choice to some but I kinda said screw the rules, art is art and I’m proud of this and I’m sharing it! In the future though, I will try to have myself a bit more together than that, ha…

Kendra: Speaking of, in “Fire In My Bones” you say it’s about an inner battle. Have you won that since penning that song?

Fleurie: Honestly, on many levels, yes. That’s an amazing question because I hadn’t ever thought about it in relation to that song. It’s cool to be able to mark spiritual and emotional progress by seeing the place where you were just a couple short years ago outlined in a song you wrote! On a really deep level, though, I think that battle will always be within me, within all of us really, because we are humans made in the image of God living in a fallen world…there’s a wrestle to be in control but we weren’t designed to live and function properly within that structure. Yet it’s the foundation for our entire culture, this idea of building your own security through external resources and even other human relationships.

Kendra: Moving onto Love and War. You had a lot of music used in TV and movies from that. Was that the purpose behind those songs?

Fleurie: Yeah, for a lot of them! And I think I’ve even wrestled with that concept, writing a song for something in particular, rather than simply waiting for songs to find you (I’m maybe too much a serendipity-loving person), to sort of crawl up from your subconscious. I used to equate that with how “genuine” or “real” a song was. But now I see how even though I might be given a brief or a description of a scene to underscore, I always write my own story into it, without even trying to wanting to. It always comes through. And sometimes gets me to process things I didn’t know I needed to process. Those songs have been a great gift to me and many of them wouldn’t have been written apart from the opportunity I’ve had to write music for TV/film.

Kendra: One of the shows was The Originals. A show about an immortal family of vampires, made me have to ask – if you could live during any time period for the music alone, which would you choose and why?

Fleurie: Ooh…what a question! Honestly…this one. I’m so glad I’m alive in today’s world and getting to use all of the amazing technology we have, while also faced with a generation (myself very much so included) that is beginning to crave REAL again – real songs, real instruments, real voices. I love the contrast of synths and electronic sounds with organic instruments. I’ve always wanted to be an artist who appreciated and delved into both!

Kendra: When you hit the stage with NF, how were the fans?

Fleurie: The fans were insaaaaane. They gave me such an unbelievable reception, especially considering most of them didn’t know I was going to be there. Some knew who I was from the song I wrote and featured on with him (NF) but most didn’t put it together until I came out at the end of his set and we sang that. The rooms were mostly packed to the rafters and his fans are such amazing crazies, haha. It was a blast.

Kendra: Will you be heading out on the road in 2017?

Fleurie: I actually truly don’t know! I am taking my time writing a record right now, knowing it could be done in a couple months or a couple years, and really at peace with that. Usually things pick up faster than I expect, but who knows! Whenever I next hit the road, I’m really looking forward to it!

Kendra: Looking back on your life so far, if you had to make a mixtape of five songs that best represent it, which would they be?

Sparks” by Coldplay
Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer
Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac
Dreaming With a Broken Heart” by John Mayer
Champagne Supernova” by Oasis


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