Jenna Torres: Wild Sugar

We haven’t had too much country around here, but that’s changing today with Jenna Torres’ Wild Sugar. A strong vocal performance surrounding full length’s worth of songs that cover a great spectrum of love and emotion, it was a good listen on a day when the world (and I) could use it.

Again, throughout what I loved and appreciated was the strong stance Jenna’s voice had. There was nothing demure about it. Even with a ballad like “The Man You Want To Be,” she never takes a break from being in control of the situation. From strong to sultry, she also delivered that on this album with “Creek’s on Fire.” What really shined though were the ones you could see standing out and taking this record to radio; “Don’t Make Me Remember” and “Wild Sugar.” Personally though as I sit in a hospital room with my boyfriend who found out he had leukemia just over a week ago, “Soft Spot” hits my own and tears start to stream down my face at a rapid pace.

Country has evolved so much since the days when it was about very loud ensembles, large hair and a twang. Shifting into a more modern time, Jenna Torres’ sound captures the essence of country, that spirit that plays on storytelling and heart but also allows her to give way to a more modern style with the beautiful compositions and arrangements. If you’re a country girl or guy, make sure to check out Jenna’s Wild Sugar, out February 17.


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