Hitting the States and Burger Joints with Middle Kids

Photo Credit: Dru Maasepp
Photo Credit: Dru Maasepp

The middle child myself, Middle Kids is an Australian band that stuck out among the crowd to me like a crisp dollar on a sidewalk. I wanted to snatch them up before anyone else caught a glimpse! Their own Hannah admitted that they aren’t all the dreaded middle child of their own families. She’s sort of the middle but in an even four, while Harry’s the youngest. Tim though, he’s my people landing in the middle of a trio. When it comes to their own threesome though, well – Hannah had a little to say about where they land in their own musical family.

She talked about that, their upcoming tour that kicks off in a little under a month in Seattle, and more. Now let’s get to this journey of words “One Piece at a Time,” which is a Johnny Cash tune she says best represents her career in music thus far…

Kendra: No matter where you all fall in your own families, when it comes to the band who fits the personality of the oldest (responsible one), the middle (forgotten angsty one) and the youngest child (spoiled baby)?

Hannah: This is a dangerous question so I’m just going to order us as if we were our own nuclear family based on age: Tim eldest, me middle, Harry youngest. It does work on many levels in that Tim has clear vision and keeps us in line, I am full of the angst at times and Harry is simply the youngest in his real family and MK family.

Kendra: More about you now. When did you first feel like music was more than a hobby for you?

Hannah: I’m not sure that I ever felt that it was a hobby. Ever since I was really young I was always working on something and felt it important to be growing and exploring as a musician, not necessarily for a certain goal but just because I was utterly obsessed and curious. After I finishing school, I had so much more time to do music related things so I think that’s when I started envisioning it in more of a vocational way.

Kendra: Onto some music. How long have you guys been working on your debut?

Hannah: This EP came together in a patchy, bitty way. We first made Edge of Town almost two years ago and then once things got moving with that track the rest of the EP came together pretty quickly.

Kendra: How much have of yourself can you hear on the record so far? Like are there particular songs you feel are more you than the rest?

Hannah: Each song does have a unique reflection but the last track is just me singing and playing the piano so that one is the most vulnerable track in terms of hearing myself in it. It’s also my least favourite track…but probably because I love the other tracks a lot. Something that is really special about this EP is that Tim produced it and it’s amazing how you can hear these beautiful facets of Tim in all the sounds and movement of each track.

Kendra: You guys have played a lot around Australia and are coming to the US in February. What are your expectations from those upcoming shows in the states?

Hannah: We are influenced by a lot of American music and culture, so to be playing shows in the states is really exciting for us. We expect to grow closer together as a band (being in a van for like 150 hours will do that) which will then affect our unity as musicians too. It will be interesting to see how our live set fits in the American music scene, I hope it can wiggle into a little place there.

Kendra: Is there any American cuisine you’re looking forward to eating while here?

Hannah: Yes, in a big way, we love American food. Where to begin; pizza, burgers, burritos, that delicious ranch dressing you seem to pour on everything, bottomless sweet tea when actually we can’t even finish one glass they are so big, fried chicken (specifically chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-A), peanut butter anything, queso, Milk Duds, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and anything within the confines of Whole Foods. We have a lot of work to do, but I think we’ll make it happen.

Kendra: Right now you have the album and the tour, anything else we should look out for in 2017?

Hannah: Well the plan is to come to America a few times this year to tour so hopefully that will be the case. We are also working on the album (what we are releasing next month is an EP) so hopefully that will make it’s way out into the world this year. If not there is the total solar eclipse, I think in August.

Kendra: Going off “Your Love,” if you had to make a mixtape for your one true love – what five songs would have to be on it?

Harvest Moon” – Neil Young
Thinkin Bout You” – Frank Ocean
All I Need” – Radiohead
How Deep is the Ocean” – Billie Holiday
To Be Alone With You” – Sufjan Stevens

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