Her Harbour: Go Gently Into the Night

her-harbour-go-gently-into-the-night-reviewAfter too many days of rain in California’s southern region, Her Harbour’s Go Gently Into the Night was a perfect setting for the bits of gray that still loomed in the sky above. Her somber tones are interwoven into delicate stories that come across as dramatic without the tension.

Every song played like it’s own one-woman show. Drawn out pieces that each felt like a novel idea strewn across a musical landscape starting off with “Hewing Crowns” where talks of demons played well later with the haunting feelings left behind from “Crime and Knell.” Lines like “don’t be cruel” from “Memento Mori” lived on long after the music had stopped playing, but in the end this record felt like the melancholy cousin of Florence and the Machine. With Florence you get the same melodic charm as Her Harbour, but with these vibrant bursts of drama. Her Harbour is void of those moments, and sticks with more softer tones throughout.

Fitting for a day where the skies above are various shades of gray. While there are some differences between Her Harbour and Florence and the Machine, I still think fans of one will appreciate the other fully. So if that’s you, make sure to check out Her Harbour’s Go Gently Into the Night, out February 3.

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