GML: Chomp on This

So here we are, the day a guy who ran a reality competition show is sworn into the highest seat of power in the US. We can’t be that surprised when we’re a nation who feels the need to be kept up with the happenings of a family made famous by a “leaked” sex tape. Enough about that though because we’re here to talk about music. Here’s a name that hasn’t gone away since the ’90s, Dave Matthews Band. They’ll be almost everywhere starting this month through June. Yup, expect to see them in the US and UK over the next six months on and off. Last night Communist Daughter kicked off their string of dates in Montana. Make sure to keep tabs on them through mid-March when they land down in Texas for SXSW. In a week’s time Lola Kirk will be starting her West Coast run in the picturesque city of Ojai.

Let’s talk about some tours starting up next month now. Vowws are getting things going on February 1st in DC. Hopefully the White House will still be standing by then. They’ll then make their way across the US for a couple of weeks before ending in LA. Hotel Garuda also announced this week that they too will be starting their US tour on the 1st with select dates throughout April 1. For those down in Latin America, make sure to check out Antillectual February 3 through the 12th, but if you’re in the US you can check out the dates for Retail Space’s upcoming run via the poster below. Then after looking at that rock lobster, check out this week’s video picks!


MILCK “Quiet”

J Dodd “Chomp”

Tuffet Bunnies “Everything”

Laura LaValle “Now”

Dominic “Emotional Businessman”


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