The Modern Savage: Unwilling Participants

The only things I know about Alaska are what my best friend who spent a summer there has told me. A lot of good, but not without a few bad points – but what she didn’t mention was their music scene. She went to one show but sadly it didn’t feature Alaska’s own The Modern Savage. Perhaps she would’ve liked them if she’d known because with this band, it’s like being entertained by a few different artists in one. At least that’s the picture painted and delivered with their sophomore release Unwilling Participants.

The energy was on point throughout most of the album. Starting out with the lead track “Pull Me” and going all the way up until almost the end with “Dead Presidents,” they were lively and able to bring about a good mood in myself as I listened and bounced along. The same can be said when channeling the likes of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in “Girl from Nowhere” and “Neon Tongues,” which kudos to Jenni May Toro for killing it with the vocals in that one, as well as “All Hail.” Toro has a way of being as brute as a bull in most cases, but then also has the ability to soften it up in others like “Chlorophyll “ and “Beg.” All in all, a variety packed album that gives listeners everything from alternative rock to a little funk, punk and theatrical all in one.

Everyone has their own thoughts and knowledge about every place in the world, but when it comes to Alaska – you can go ahead and out a great band by the name of The Modern Savage in your rolodex. If you’re a fan of bands like Interpol, check them out and make sure to grab a copy of Unwilling Participants, out January 27.

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