Julie Byrne: Not Even Happiness

Having gazed at the night sky in a number of places over the years, Julie Byrne is a modern day nomad and wherever her adventure takes her next, it’s clear there is inspiration drawn from her surroundings. Whether it be Chicago or Seattle or even New Orleans, Julie has taken a piece from every place she’s ever called home and placed it upon her heart and pen when writing her somber yet delicate music found on her sophomore release, Not Even Happiness.

As each song played, each one felt more fitting than the last with the gray skies of LA. There was a mesmerizing simplicity found encased in songs like “Sleepwalker” and “Natural Blue.” Also a little bit of irony as she whispered a bit in “Follow My Voice” but then had genuine proclamations as she admitted, “I too been a fault finder.” Overall what I think listeners will come to appreciate most about this album is the ethereal feel of it all. A singer-songwriter in a movie who seems almost ghostlike, as if sent from elsewhere to deliver tales of this and that.

Julie has been many places and seen many faces, and it’s those experiences that helped her created the follow up to her 2014 release, Rooms With Walls. Join in if you’re a fan of artists like Lana Del Rey or loved Lady Gaga’s latest Joanne. Simplistic realness can be found when Not Even Happiness drops January 27.

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