Wrapped in the Covers: Mariah Carey “Heartbreaker”

Oh Mariah…she has not been quite the same since that whole mental breakdown on TRL back in the day when she walked on stage in a t-shirt rolling up with a ice-cream cart. Yeah, she had Precious and some good songs since, but all in all – she was not the same ’90s Mariah we once knew but who cares? She’s getting older (despite what she may think) and at the end of the day she can still sing circles around just about every pop star out there today. Haters gonna hate, but you just have to love and appreciate the diva she will forever be. That’s why this week I wanted to look at some covers of one her greatest #1 songs, “Heartbreaker.” And note, that it’s hard as hell to cover a voice like this. She’s one of the most untouchable ones alongside Whitney, Celine and in my opinion Christina. Unless of course you’re Ariana Grande and are the best vocal impressionist of all time.

Joyce Wrice

Pandr Eyez

Jasmine Lee

Hollow Boys




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