Olivia May: “Tonight”

Welcome to 2017 everyone! Of course we all want a fresh start when a new calendar is hung, even I wanted to get ahead and while I did with one task – I fell behind a bit because last week as I was listening to Olivia May’s “Tonight” on repeat the afternoon slipped away from me. The morning quickly transformed into the afternoon and I quickly lost my motivation. Not Olivia’s fault of course. Her song was, is, a great one. A pop song coming at you without all the bells and whistles, just a pure vocal performance with some additive bonuses.

The first rounds last week I was bothered because I knew the sound coming from “Tonight” was something similar I’d heard before but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then after more rounds early Monday morning – I had it. “Tonight” could’ve easily been a track on either a Hey Monday or Paramore album. Of course when they just wanted to sing and didn’t want the band to overpower. Which makes sense when you learn she was in a band at the mere age of 13, and playing Warped Tour just a couple of years ago.

There is an overall pop tone to what Olivia May delivers in “Tonight” but if you listen closely, you can hear that rock influence in how she brings forth a powerful delivery in the end. You can hear “Tonight” now on Soundcloud, but make sure to get it all for yourself when it’s officially released on January 13th.

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