Top Albums of 2016: A Memorable Trio

There weren’t too many albums that blew me away this year. In fact, looking at the title of this – you’ll see that only a few managed to make me note their release throughout the year. Now time to find out which three they were.

Relick: Twin House

“The sun may not be shining here as I write these words down, but at least the shimmer left behind by Relick’s latest is doing enough with their pop meets indie rock vibes.”

Lucky Jukebox Brigade: Savage Fantastic

“…a band I’d never heard of before a couple of weeks ago when their latest release landed in my lap. Savage Fantastic is a unique listening experience that doesn’t fall into any box, but rather stands on top of all of them dancing to its own beat.”

Laura Roy: Laura Roy

“Pulling from a decade that bred some of the best R&B has had to offer, Laura Roy takes from yesteryear and brings it into 2016 for fans of all ages who just want to listen to some great pop music that has a blast of soul.”


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