Earworms: Best Songs of 2016

When you don’t drive, work from home, and Spotify makes things run too damn slow, you fail to hear a lot of new music on a daily basis. That’s why I have to rely on what comes my way via late night performances, commercials and of course what comes through my email throughout the year. With that, these were the songs that were able to enter my hermit habitat and make a lasting impression in 2016.

I The Victor “Toothpick”

An oddball that jumped into my lap at the end of the ear with a chorus I cannot stop singing.

Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Yes, even after the trillionth time…

CHVRCHES – “Bury It” ft. Hayley Williams

Am I screaming these lyrics right now in my apartment? Yes, yes I am.

Whosah “Forget About It”

The perfect song to give you a kick in the ass to get over your negative thoughts.

Cobi “Don’t You Cry For Me”

Is this what it feels like to orgasm via sound?


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