#FBF: Kacey Musgraves Billboard Stand Out

Whenever an awards show places someone out in the middle of the crowd, I feel like they are giving them the shit end of the stick in some ways. Like tossing them a bone but one without meat, because they need the main stage for the likes of Beyonce. That’s just a thought, but I also think it backfires when the performance steals away from the bigger names on the bill – which is what Kacey Musgraves did at the Billboard Music Awards back in 2013 with her performance of “Merry Go Round.”

A song that made me want to listen to her more, I quickly set out to explore the rest of her music. While I didn’t attach myself to her for life, I still loved the hell out of this one song and all because of that simplistic performance out on a stage in the middle of the crowd. She proved that one doesn’t need an insane amount of pyrotechnics, backup dancers and light shows – all one needs sometimes is a guitar and an amazing voice.


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