GML: Introducing Rashomon Studios

This week we’re talking to Tyler Gomo, the man behind the audio/visual project called Rashomon Studios. I had no idea what that meant when our worlds collided, but after a quick chat…I have a better idea of what he’s all about. Now he’s going to tell a little bit more about the project, and more before we talk tours and watch some more visuals!

Kendra: Okay, for those (like me) who are a little confused – what is an audio/visual project?

Rashomon Studios: An audio/visual project is an endeavor that seeks to actively combine film and music together as one product. Instead of just writing and releasing a song or just making a short film, the purpose of Rashomon Studios is to have the song and video work together to create a single cohesive story/idea/feeling. It’s not just a promotional tool, it’s the end result itself.

Kendra: If you could combine your favorite song with your favorite film, what would be the result?

Rashomon Studios: Currently, my favorite song of all-time is “Rano Pano” by Mogwai and my favorite film of all-time is Fargo by the Coen Brothers. I imagine if you pieced the important storyline points of the movie to the song, it would probably turn out pretty cool; fuzzy repetitive drone matched with a decision that leads to worsening consequences, all wrapped with a snowy Minnesota bow.

Kendra: What were some things you learned between the time you made your first and second video?

Rashomon Studios: For one thing, the native Camera app for iPhone is garbage. “Blaze Fielding” utilized an application called FiLMiC Pro which is incredible; it can shoot at all sorts of frames-per-seconds settings, has a built-in white balance feature, and a ton of widescreen options. In addition to that, lighting is also super-duper crucial. It makes all the difference in making a video go from selfie to Spielberg. I’m sure I’ll continue to learn more tricks of the trade as I journey forward.

Kendra: Will you be releasing more videos or an album come 2017?

Rashomon Studios: I currently have two new songs finished and I intend on filming the videos for these songs after the holidays. I’m not too sure about an album of songs, but a feature-length film with many songs could definitely be around the bend.

Kendra: Since you’re about the visuals, if you had to make a visual mixtape featuring five videos that you feel make that medium an art form – which would you choose?

Rashomon Studios: The Visual Mixtape:
Mogwai “Batcat
Deftones “Swerve City
Pearl Jam “Jeremy
Public Enemy “Fight The Power
Radiohead “Knives Out

unnamedNow that you know more about Rashomon Studios, it’s time to see who’s touring soon. Audien will be going from the city of Sin to the city of Wind come January 17th. Then you have Too Close To Touch and Waterparks who just announced they’ll be partnering up starting in Texas on February 9th and stopping down in Florida on March 8th. You can check out the rest of their dates above. Another big one starting up that month will be The Japanese House. A lot of buzz around her. See her kick off her month-long run in Ohio on February 21st. If you’re down in Australia, make sure to see The Byzantines starting February 24th. They’ll be on the road until March 11th down there. That’s all the touring we got for you this week. Now for some videos!

Rue Snider “Crowd Into Trains”

Saint PHNX “King”

Emily Reo “Spell”

Bloom Twins “Set Us Free”

The Desert Sea “All Mine”


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