Patent Pending: Season’s Greetings

Typically holiday albums in the genres I’d go for don’t drop into my inbox, but this year we got a little bit of a treat from New York’s own Patent Pending. A staple in the pop punk community since I was in college (what seems like too long ago), they have always been a band you can depend on for a smile, and that sentiment remains with their festive release, Season’s Greetings.

Playing like a lighter version of Sum 41, “Auid Lang Syne” definitely has those rock elements to it, but gives way for a more pop sound and making it the perfect song to sneak onto the holiday office party playlist. Make way for Patent Pending in the sea of Rihanna and Beyonce! Again, always an entertaining band, they made it known in a big way with “Christmas Is Already A Thing” and “Jingle Bells/Mazel Tov.” Sounding like a song you’d sing for a laugh, they reminded me of tunes Bowling For Soup would have made. While the holiday cheer was great, the song that really made its mark was the one that really, you could play throughout the year; “A Better New Year.” Sounding like a true blue pop punk song, this one lyrically was universal and on point.

Whether they’re making you smile with their good vibes, or treating you to a well-written number – Patent Pending are doing something right. If you’re a fan of bands like Riddlin’ Kids (miss them!) and again, Bowling For Soup, check out Season’s Greetings, out now. Also make sure to check Patent Pending at the Sherman Theater on the 23rd in Pennsylvania, as well as in New York on the 26th at the Revolution in Amityville.


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