GML: Wilhelm Records’ Future Plans

We’re no stranger to talking with the great people who work behind the scenes when it comes to music, and today we’re chatting it up with Dylan Frederick’s Wilhelm Records. A younger label with a lot of talent on their roster – they’re one to watch in the coming year. So we talked about what listeners can expect, what the future holds and more!

Kendra: What’s Wilhelm Records planning on doing for music in the coming year?

Dylan Frederick: We plan on contributing to what many other labels are working on right now. Bringing great bands to the spotlight and giving them a home where they can shine. This label is one big family and being someone that never thought about starting a label growing up, I’ve never felt more at home.

Kendra: When it comes to the artists you take on, what are three things you guys look for before signing them?

Dylan: There are so many different variables when it comes to signing a band, it’s not always easy to decide. Honestly, I think the most important thing is getting a feeling that really just raises the hair on your arms when listening to a band. Almost like that same feeling you got after your first local show where you really couldn’t understand the dance moves but it was much cooler than anything else the other high school kids were doing. If the music moves me and the band is open to my ideas to help them, it’s all smooth sailing!

Kendra: Grammy nominations came out, do you think it’s still something to yearn for as a musician?

Dylan: To me, that can be really debatable. Many genres of music see that as being a really sought after accomplishment. Being in my situation where all I am around is pop punk and hard rock, our spectrum is more focused on going on awesome tours and getting there music out to people. Although, I’d love to see some pop punk band get on stage at the Grammy’s with their Converse, snap-backs and ripped skinny jeans, thanking all of their friends in their hometown.

Kendra: Is there another label you grew up respecting that you wanted to sort of take from and emulate with Wilhelm Records?

Dylan: The cool thing about the labels that hold a big place in my heart is that I’ve gotten a lot of advice from them all in the past. Nate from Mutant League Records is such a down to earth guy that has a big passion for what he does. There have been numerous times where I’d question something and he was always right there to  help me out.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represented what Wilhelm Records is all about, what five songs would be on it?

Dylan: With all the great music out there, I’ll give it my best shot!
Skylines “Large Coke, Light Ice
American Pastime “Chasing Ghosts
Mallory Run “Bedrot
Variants “LampPost
Fossil Youth “Late Night Swim


Now for the tour news that came to light this week. First up, Patent Pending has a handful of holiday shows on the east coast. Then there’s Chain Gang of 1974 who just landed on one of the most talked about tours. Yup, they’ll be heading out with AFI soon. Come February Amaranthe will be on the road from the 10th through March 9th. You can check out the full dates above. Lastly, New Found Glory just announced their 20 year anniversary tour. Already lining up my tickets for the trio of LA shows! Next up, check out this week’s video picks below.

I The Victor “Toothpick”

She & Him “Winter Wonderland”

Oliver feat. Scott Mellis “Electrify”

Gutxi Bibang “System of a Gun”

Joyce Manor “Eighteen”

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