Mosey Jones is Moving on with Certainty

The year was 2014, the month was June and like the members of Mosey Jones lamented on their then latest, Spinning, I was yearning for the past due to some mishaps, but thankfully we all learned to move on and find a sense of certainty in the now. The future, now that’s another story and where we kick things off as we reconnect with the Brooklyn trio…

Kendra: A couple of years ago we got Spinning from you guys, an EP with a want for the past. Is that still the case with your latest release, Certainty?

Eamon: I think Certainty spends less time worrying about the past, and instead worries about the future, haha. There’s a lot on it that has to do with accepting what’s already happened, and trying to figure out what to do next and wanting to take those next steps.

Caitlin: Fuck the past, it’s time to move on. I mean, that’s the direction the album went. Over it, ready for the next thing to come. It helps that we put it together when we were actually getting ready to “get outta this town.”

Kendra: One of the songs I couldn’t help but fall for was “It’s Senior Year, Guys.” Listening to it though, definitely not about a literal year of school but thinking back to those days – if Certainty was going to win one of those yearbook superlatives – which would it be and why?

Peter: Thank you very much for liking the song!

Caitlin: Biggest Personality. Oh, biggest flirt. Most likely to become an actress. Most likely to be a pro athlete! Come to a show to find out why?

Kendra: Harkening back to the emo of the ’90s when it comes to your overall sound, why did you take it back to that style VS the emo of say 2000-2010?

Peter: To rebel against the confines placed on us by society to only express ourselves in a certain way at certain times to certain people. We play music because we can.

Eamon: Definitely. I don’t think it was particularly purposeful. The three of us have pretty different musical tastes and different styles, but somehow when we put it together this is the sound that comes out.

Caitlin: It just happened!

Kendra: Maybe not right now because it’s the holidays and whatnot but are you guys planning on touring in the New Year?

Caitlin: Most ready to get outta this town! It’s always the plan.

Eamon: Yeah we definitely want to get back on the road in 2017. This summer we went on a 6 week tour across the US with our friends in The Skates, The Loneliers, and SemiCrcls. That really tired us out but it was such an unforgettable experience we’d love to get back on the road. Maybe for shorter stints, though, haha!

Kendra: In “Movies” you guys note “…I’m scared of growing old…” with that, if you had to make a mixtape titled “Forever Young,” what five songs would have to be on it?

Mosey Jones:
True” – Spandau Ballet
Younger Us” – Japandroids
You” – Lloyd Feat. Lil Wayne
I Love You” – Barney
Please Don’t Tell My Father”  – Pet Symmetry


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