#FBF: Not the Snake Britney

Wrapping up this year we’re going to look back every Friday at TV performances or musical moments that have gone on to make a lasting impression in my life. While there have been a million and one Backstreet Boys’ performances on the small screen, none of them will be highlighted over the next four weeks. What?! I know, I know. I just wanted to spread the love, so we’ll keep it in that realm and start with Britney Spears in that nude looking suit at the VMAs.

Of course people will never forget Britney and N’SYNC, the snake and her lip lock with Madonna but for some reason I absolutely loved this one. From stripping off the sequinned suit to reveal an even more sequinned number that appeared almost nude – YESSS! That’s a great pop moment. Plus, since that moment I’ve had major body envy on that era of Britney. While I no longer want that physique, I still praise it as a once upon a time dream this fat kid wanted to come true for herself.

Never the greatest singer, what I loved about this performance was that it was just that – a performance. Honest to god, I remember the dancing a hell of a lot more than what she (or rather that track) sounded like. Nevertheless, a beloved music moment I’ll carry with me always.

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