GML: Left Field in the High Seas with Luke De-Sciscio

Getting to know artists all over the globe is one of the greatest perks of blogging and long before the exchange below, me and Luke De-Sciscio went back and forth over on ZO Magazine. So when it came time for him to head over to Golden territory, we were already well versed with one another. So we got to keep things a bit lighter as we dished about walking away from life changing moments, the sea and more…

Kendra: You’ve walked away from a major deal once before, would you ever do it again?

Luke De-Sciscio: If you find yourself in that pragmatic of a relationship with people, then the only sensible maneuver is to walk away.    My decision was grounded more in being untrue to myself within the context of a group I could not fully commit my heart to, than in any kind of disrespect or unappreciation for the magnitude of, or validation inherent in, that kind of opportunity. But, you know, right now – I’m making the music I feel – people are finding it – connecting with it and it’s all growing. And, now I feel like, If you’re being true to yourself, opportunities which are gonna commit you to being someone else aren’t gonna arise. So, for the moment, I’m ok putting out music under the ideological umbrella that is Source Mountain Records – a label – strictly in the denominative sense, with no more clout or radio-pushing power than a few close friends who believe in what each other is doing.

Kendra: Totally out of left field, but if you had to remix one of your songs off your latest album with a hip hop artist – which song would it be and who would be the artist?

Luke: I would enjoy hearing Danny Brown confront any of the tracks, but perhaps most, “Vivid Love” – lyrically it shares a lot of themes with the archetypal inverse of anything you might find on one of his songs but still, I think the flow, is something he would get behind, fux wit – if just to explore another side of himself. The song, somewhat curiously, bates its own flow to be as vivid as the motivation behind the song itself in some kind of post-fourth-wall-nightmare – so, there’s definitely room to invoke a little Wonder Bread, if just for to taste the Wonder Bread.

Kendra: If you had the chance to live on the water on the high seas and record for a year but you had to be away from everyone – would you do it?

Luke: I mean, right of the bat, this feels like a good idea. There is definitely something to be said for the productivity of seclusion, and how the caress of the water can invoke an inner harmony, being kept from civilization elicits focus and an outside lens on your own life enables perspective on the self. However, I feel a year in solitary confinement, surrounded by nothing but the ocean and the potentially catastrophic weather that a habitat such as that can summon would be a poor career decision for me at this point given my unfamiliarity with ocean-faring vessels, my presumed utter inability to navigate one, the logistical nightmare of food and water and the fact that I would be entirely alone for a year with nothing by my thoughts. I’m increasingly inspired by revolving through the wealth of environments the world has to offer – and people.    Unfortunately one of the prerequisite necessities of that style of writing is exploration through contrasts, environmental and emotional, and so I feel the romance of the idea would ultimately fall victim to the initially appealing homogeneousness of the landscape.

Kendra: We usually make a full mixtape but since we’re keeping things short – we’ll just ask for a song. If you had to pick one song to put on a mixtape for a trip around the world at sea, which would it be and why?

Luke: I mean, I have the most brilliant playlist on my Spotify right now, ‘Songs: Autumn’…that would be my long answer. My one song though – for which I presumably have on repeat for my entire trip round the ocean?      “Spindles and Fires” by Celer . . . if you’ve twisted my arm, and I’m on this ship, and I’m there alone for a long time – then it would be this song. Songs with lyrics would get in the way of my own wanting to write or think, I can’t really write and hear someone else’s words. So, this, yeah. Also, sonically, it is the ocean. At night. The gravitas of the situation I’ve found myself in. And, you know, it’s just stark, beautiful, light, heavy – intense and harrowing but somehow uplifting. One of those songs that, I think, would take me some dark place…probably scare me, then reward me and I think, much like the ocean, for its own apparent desolation it would reveal depths to which my own perception would be the limiting factor.

Of course, now for this week’s tour news and video picks! The Funeral Portrait kicked off their tour last night in Chicago and they’ll be in Kansas tonight. For the rest of their dates, you can check out the poster above. In a week’s time American Idol winner Lee DeWyze will start a mini run this month. He’ll also be playing into 2017, as well as a good amount in January as well. Also touring in January is Dear Nora who’ll start on the 13th and end on the 28th. Last up, Katatonia just announced a tour that’s coming your way in March 2017. A long way off, but it’s never too early to play ahead. Now for this week’s video picks!

Petal “Chandelier Thief”

Tkay Maidza “Simulation”

Nonpoint “Divided. Conquer Them”

Komox “Dreaming Awake”

Midnight To Monaco “One Way Ticket”

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