Masquerading Around with Elena de Soto

Like Frances we met earlier this month who not heads the marketing at the Troubadour in LA, Elena de Soto also started out as an intern at The Masquerade in Atlanta. Working her way up to being the talent buyer for the venue today, Elena wears many hats and does a hell of a lot more around the office. With everything she has going on from working on the venue to handling Wrecking Ball ATL, she squeezed in some time to talk about what it’s like for her at The Masquerade, and that’s where we begin.

Kendra: You hold two positions at The Masquerade. Which came first, talent buying or photography?

Elena de Soto: I’ve been a photographer for years, but I don’t exactly hold that as a job title. It’s not my main job or something I get paid for. I actually started as an intern, moved on to do social media, then marketing, then finally booking.

Kendra: What’s a typical day like at work for you?

Elena: I go into work at 9:30am and turn on my computer. Most people probably wouldn’t think of this as a desk job, but I spend all day just emailing agents, signing contracts, putting together offers, etc.

Kendra: When you first got hired, what was something you learned on the job that you didn’t expect?

Elena: I don’t think I expected how much time and work it actually took to do the job. Even when I’m not in the office, I’m glued to my phone and checking my email at all hours.

Kendra: In ten years time, do you feel you’ll still be working in music?

Elena: Absolutely.

Kendra: Is there more you’d like to do in terms of working at a venue or are you content with the positions you hold now?

Elena: I love my position and The Masquerade. I also love the festival we’ve been working on for two years now, The Wrecking Ball ATL.

Kendra: In your time there, what show has been your personal favorite – and why?

Elena: The Wrecking Ball ATL. It’s something so special to myself and my booking partner Greg. It’s something we made from scratch and executed. I’m so proud of us for that.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for a masquerade ball, which five songs would have to be on it?

Piebald – “The Monkey Versus The Robot
The Hotelier – “Dendron
Pup – “Sleep In The Heat
Diet Cig – “Harvard
Samiam – “Full On


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