The Ultra Positivity of Moonhead

If it’s been a musical in the past five decades, it’s bound to get a live makeover on some network nowadays and while Hairspray is next on the list – I’m sure some or all of you tuned in last month when Fox did their rendition of the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Those who tuned in may find the fine talents of Moonhead very familiar then as they were the band featured in the show that night. We talked about what it felt like to be a part of that scene, as well as their knack for staying so damn positive in a world that can be dismal at times.

Kendra: You’re a very positive outlet. Has that always been the case or did being in a band bring that out of you guys?

Sam Pomanti: So far, I think our music has always been geared towards positivity. There are lot of issues we want to cover lyrically, not all of which are necessarily positive, but we believe that having an underlying positive, hopeful outlook is the best way to express them.

Kendra: Sticking with that, you guys have this thing with saying yes to everything to gain experiences and live your life. This is a great concept that I learned from Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes, and while it’s awesome to get into new things – what’s one thing you said yes to and immediately thought, “This should’ve been a definite no?”

Sam: It’s true that saying “yes” has led us to some great experiences, but every band has stories of brutal gigs…in the rain…to a crowd of 10…behind a country hotel…We do, anyways.

Kendra: Back to the positivity. Your latest single “To The Top” is about, in your words, “the importance of independence and realizing one’s own strengths.” I feel like that could be an anthem for this generation. Was that what you were thinking when you penned it?

Sam: We feel like it’s a good mantra for any generation, really. I’ve seen so many people who go through their lives without realizing their own potential, whether out of fear or self-doubt, or whatever. We know that everyone has a light they have to share with the world, and I wanted to encourage people to do that when I wrote it.

Kendra: Other than listening to this song and being inspired, what advice do you have for those out there lost who can’t seem to find their inner strength?

Sam: First of all, let it be known that all of us are engaged in that struggle too! It can be scary to realize your own power, but when you start to realize that other people are going through the same thing it makes it easier. I think the main thing is knowing that you deserve to become what you want to become.

Kendra: Now let’s talk about being part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on FOX. First off, were you fans of the original movie before you booked the gig?

Sam: None of us had seen it before our audition! We actually didn’t fully know the audition was for Rocky Horror Picture Show either, it was all very mysterious. But obviously we’ve become fans since, it’s such a release of energy and what’s within!

Kendra: Secondly, how did you all react when you got the job?

Sam: We were so blown away, none of us had ever been a part of a film production, let alone a big budget FOX special. The cast and crew were very accommodating of our film set noobness.

Kendra: What’s going on with Moonhead come the new year?

Sam: We have a lot in the works! We’re going to be recording an album this Winter, and will have videos to follow. We’re also trying to get a tour happening within Canada.

Kendra: So if you have to make a mixtape to turn someone’s day around, what five songs would have to be on it?

Sam: Cool, here are our picks!
Sweet Relief” – Kimbra
Excursions” – A Tribe Called Quest
State of the World” – Janet Jackson
Am I Wrong” – Anderson .Paak
Blaming Something” – Jamie Lidell


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