Jacuzzi Boys: Ping Pong

Hope everyone is safe, sound and back from what should have been a four-day weekend. I wish I could have spent that time working on things for this week, but instead I was neck deep in apple pie and Golden Grahams. Thankfully though I listened to Jacuzzi Boys’ Ping Pong before I headed out last Wednesday afternoon with a cascade of other albums, this one lending itself to be the most punk meets new wave of the day.

Jacuzzi Boys open up the record with an interesting sound, this Miami trio begins with a jolt of fun thanks to “Lucky Blade.” As the song and the album played into the alternative ways of “Boys Like Blood” and the punkish like vibe of “Refrigeration,” you got the sense that this could be a band that’d fit in fine and well touring alongside the likes of Weezer. Even with they bring is down slow and deliver a cool cat demeanor with “Seventeen,” they’d still find themselves sitting pretty in that “Buddy Holly” scene.

The holidays are far from over. With one down and the big one to go, there will be even more down time spent with family, listening to music or even both. With that, spend some time today getting in tune with Jacuzzi Boys’ Ping Pong, out now.


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