Brett Ayala Jones: San Pedro

Watching Brett Ayala Jones for some years as part of Fireworks, I knew that when and if that band was a memory – he’d be fine. His slicked back hair and creepers were always more fitting for a Morrissey show than Warped Tour and you can hear that on his EP, San Pedro. No matter what, you feel something when finishing a record and at the end of my time with San Pedro, I felt like I’d spent an entire evening at home, alone, drinking whiskey and looking at pictures of people’s better lives on Instagram.

The bookends of the record, “Black Coffee” and “Neon Gold,” had very sad tones to them, but the start was a little more on par thanks to the ‘90s alternative rock route is traveled from time to time. Then while “Not One Of You” sounded the best all-around with notable lyrics and accompanying music, I couldn’t help but fall over and over again for “My Fit” all due to the line, “You’re pathetic, that’s right I said it.” How many times have we wanted to say that, no – scream that, at someone? It’s a little bit of a release in a surprising burst of energy on this record.

For years Brett Ayala Jones did his absolute best contributing to Fireworks, and after that chapter in his life came to an end – he continued on and managed to slide into a solo career that fits him. A melancholic look at the world and people that surround his existence put to songs that’ll have you feeling like you spent the night alone sipping a drink and recollecting your thoughts. You can have a listen for yourself by checking out San Pedro, out now.


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