#FBF: Fuck, Marry, Kill in a Camper

Talking has never been my strong point, so when it comes to interviewing people – I love to come up with questions and send them over in an email. The problem with signing up for press at Warped Tour though is that there is no computer screen between you and the person those questions are aimed at. I’d suck it up though to avoid paying for a ticket and sometimes the people I talked to backstage were pretty awesome like Soupy from The Wonder Years or the guys of All Time Low, and some were horrendous like…well, we’ll just stick with the nice ones and none of them were as cool as the dudes from Fireworks.

Missing out on interviewing them at another date some years ago, my friend and I found ourselves interviewing them inside their…tour bus? I question that because it was more an old RV than a traditional tour bus. Anyways, every artist on Warped is usually asked the same questions every day they do press – so instead of asking them the same things about their album, the tour, their band name and all the other cliche questions – I came up with a list of over a hundred random ones. The band would then pick a number and those are the questions they’d answer in their half hour time slot.

For some reason they really took to this little interview game and instead of a quick Q&A we were in there for quite some time because these guys from Michigan were really into playing Fuck, Marry, Kill where the options were Ryan Phillippe, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. You’d never guess how big a debate that caused between this band – but man, oh man it was a doozy. I think overall people were okay with killing off the Cruel Intentions star but when it came to Gosling and Reynolds, how could you choose?

Talking is one of my least favorite things, but I manage when I absolutely have to. Like when you want to go to Warped for free, but need to spend part of the day interviewing bands. Sometimes it’s a pain when they aren’t the nicest but then you get the ones like Fireworks and are grateful for the opportunity.

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