GML: Running with Roxanne de Bastion

This week we caught up with an old friend of Golden Mixtape, Roxanne de Bastion. A singer-songwriter with a sweet sound who just released her latest single from her upcoming album, Heirlooms & Hearsay. We chatted about when and what to expect from that, her thing with horses and more…

Kendra: A lot of horse imagery in “Run.” Were you inspired by their movement or the wild ones’ constant need to be free when you penned this song at all?

Roxanne de Bastion: I worked together with the amazing Graeme Maguire for this animation. It’s very much part two to my song/video for “RERUN.”

The horses represent the two different eras, that of my grandfather’s generation and that of mine. The album looks at the eery similarities between then and now in events and rhetoric, but also how experiences and trauma get passed on through the generations. That’s why the horses collide and then head into off into the same direction.. Graeme was very much in charge of coming up with a visual representation of the song and album theme and I think the movement of the horses does this quite well… but also: Yay ponies.

Kendra: You note that your upcoming release, Heirlooms & Hearsay, is an ode to your family’s history. Can you elaborate on that?

Roxanne: My grandfather was a pianist from Hungary. He survived prosecution during the second world war and then emigrated to England together with my grandmother. I often wonder what he would make of the world today. Humans are so resilient, I’m in awe of how much we can survive and experience and still stand at the end of it. We are all products of our own time, but I feel we are also profoundly influenced by our parents’ experience. It’s that cycle that inspired me to write this album.

Kendra: You always seem to be out and about playing a show. Well, since we last spoke. Are you keeping busy with shows throughout the rest of the year?

Roxanne: It has been a while since we last spoke (thanks for catching up with me now!) and it really has been a busy year! I’ve been really lucky to tour with amazing artists such as the Wainwright Sisters and Thea Gilmore, but also tour throughout Europe, in the UK, Germany and Italy.

I’ve just played a show in London and have a tour in Germany coming up to see the year out. Touring continues in February next year, but more on that soon (can’t wait to announce more stuff – technical term, that!).

Kendra: When can we expect Heirlooms & Hearsay?

Roxanne: April. I think. Keep in touch for further details.. you’ll get to hear some more songs off the new album sooner than that though!

Kendra: If you had to contribute one track to a cross country athlete for their “Run for the Gold” mixtape, which song would you choose and why? Other than “Run” of course…

Roxanne: I am not a sporty person and have very little experience of running, despite the title of my current single… so I’m a little out of my depth here (if you’d ask me to pick songs for a ‘late at night while you’re winding down’, I’d know what to do!) For a work-out, I imagine you’d want to listen to upbeat songs that we enjoy “ironically”, like ‘Eye of the Tiger’.. Ok, sorry if this is “on the nose” but I’m going to pick Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” mostly because of it’s feature in the book “Kill Your Friends.” If you haven’t read that, don’t. It’s fantastic and horrible.

Now for our weekly tour news! Grouplove is on tour right now for a couple more days in Texas, but come January they’ll be starting up a long run that’ll take them from Tennessee through Santa Cruz starting January 30 and ending April 13. Tom Chaplin of Keane will also be kicking off a tour on January 14 in Atlanta and going through February 3 in San Francisco. As for tours starting up in February, White Lies will be starting their tour in DC right on the first, while You Blew It will begin their month-long run on the third. Come March the Architects will be in Detroit on March 7 and will be out for a month before they end out in Toronto on April 6. As for July Talk, you can check out where they’ll in the UK in March by peeping the poster above. What’s next? This week’s video picks!

The Menzingers “Bad Catholics”

Spring King “City”

The Bottom Line “Pull Me Out”

Tafari Anthony “You See Through Me”

Sinkane “U’Huh”


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