Anthems, Trust and More with Shiffley

Photo Credit: AudLew
Photo Credit: AudLew

About a month ago Shiffley ended a quick fall run opening up for VanLadyLove on the east coast leg of their national tour. Shiffley’s own Alex Ganes noted of this particular set of dates, “This was the first time that we got to travel with a larger act and it was a huge learning experience for us. They have such a polished live sound—we picked up a lot from hanging with them.”

Learning is what this business, and life, is all about and these New Yorkers admit they’re still picking up little lessons here and there. We dove into trust within the music realm, their sound and more in the following back and forth…

Kendra: Your name made me think of shifty, which made me think of trust. When you’re in a band, no matter the size, there are people who’ll take advantage. Are you able to spot the fakes out there?

Alex Ganes: A huge part of being in a band is figuring out who you can trust. Unfortunately the only way to learn is by getting ripped off. The opportunities get easier to call the longer we do this. At the start we trusted about 50% of people…now it’s more like 15%.

Kendra: Moving on to the music. You’ve been doing it up with Anthem City since it dropped in the summer of 2015. Now you’re on the heels of releasing a new record next year. How will the new music vary from the last?

Alex: We’ve been honing in on a style over the past couple of releases in preparation for our first album. With Anthem City, we got to really experiment with production and explore sound design. The aesthetic of this new album will be very different than Anthem. It will be bouncier, more fun, and will have higher highs and lower lows.

Kendra: Anthem City, led you to open for some pretty big acts like Twenty One Pilots. Their fans are a bit obsessive. How was it playing for that crowd?

Alex: It was really interesting actually. We got to play with them right before they really broke to the Top 40s. It is cool to see how they were able to grow their fan base into something larger than life but while still maintaining the unique connection they had with their fans when we played with them.

Kendra: You also were just on a tour of your own in early October. Will you be heading back out this year, or are you waiting until 2017 starts up to get back on the road?

Alex: We’ll be in hibernation until 2017. Once the album drops we’ll be hitting the road hard and not looking back.

Kendra: New music, possible tours. What else can we expect from you next year?

Alex: The hope is that 2017 will be “our year”. This year has really been about defining what “Shiffley” means both to us and to those involved with the project. Next year will be about what it means to everyone else. We’ll be putting out our first full-length record, growing our team, expanding our fan base, and then probably something along the lines of world domination… or whatever.

Kendra: If you had to make an anthem for your city in New York, what five songs would have to be on it?

Alex: Our NYC Golden Mixtape would be:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps
Panama Wedding “Uma
Legs “Jungle
Rush Midnight “Crush
The Strokes “OBLIVIUS (Moretti Remix)


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