Francesca Shanks: I Am Walking Away

Last year was the first time Golden Mixtape came to know Francesca Shanks. A singer-songwriter strapped with a ukulele. She was about to release Wolf Island, and almost like clockwork she’s back this fall with I Am Walking Away – an album fans of She & Him would greatly appreciate having in their playlists.

Released in early November, I Am Walking Away by Sounds and Tones Records takes the spirit of an indie artist, tosses in some folk and draws out emotion with songs as peaceful as “Other Moccasin” which speaks of dying in the most accepting manner. Francesca’s voice has this melancholic demeanor to it that gives way to some depth to everything she says whether it’s the apologies of “Please Forgive Me” or the sentiments of “End Of Line.”

Francesca Shanks came into this little piece of the world known as Golden Mixtape back in the early fall of 2015 and a little over 365 days later she’s back with a great record fans of Camera Obscura and Mocca would be happy with I Am Walking Away in their hands.

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