#FBF: A Whole New World

Every person alive has a famous friend in their head, or two. These are people on TV, in movies, in bands…that you feel you’d definitely be BFFs with if given the chance. For me, that was Jack and Alex of All Time Low. I used to call Jack my BFF but him slowly evolving into the type of LA person I’ve come to loathe changed that up. Nevertheless, some odd years ago my friends and I ran into these dudes a few times here and there and sometimes it was the most awkward and other times, it was great. My favorite though has to be when Alex sang a piece of “A Whole New World” with me after a quick conversation about the idea of a Punk Goes…Disney compilation.

It lasted all of five, maybe even three, seconds but it was something that obviously stuck with me because 1. It’s my favorite Disney song and 2. I cannot carry a tune even if you handed me a sturdy basket to do so. Thankfully I’m sure that dude was drunk and/or doesn’t remember that night; phew! If he did, he may’ve been inclined to bring it up at Warped some time later when I sat down to interview him and my former (mental) BFF. In case you’re wondering what we talked about then, you can check out that conversation right here. We talked briefly about Power Rangers before we got started due to the giant Ranger beach bag I thought was the appropriate sized purse at the time.

Aladdin and Power Rangers, basically the only criteria I have for acquiring best friends in my head is a love of ’90s nostalgia; it doesn’t take much. As much as they were BFFs in my head though, I know we could never be and that’s how it should be. Those who go on to believe they’ll befriend these people, or even more so date them – those people scare the shit out of me. Which is why the wedded one is so memorable in my book. She’s one inch away from being that chick in Misery (thank you Goldbergs for teaching me that one).


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