GML: Modern Jukeboxes

With a new album on the way this coming January, the men of Of Gentlemen & Cowards are about to be really busy – so it was nice of their own guitarist Christian Fedele to sit down and chat with GML about what’s to expect from Modern Jukebox, their tour schedule and more…

Kendra: What happened on that cruise ship that transformed your sound?

Christian Fedele: In order to get the gig on the cruise ship, we had to learn over 150 new songs, in all different genres. While learning all this new material, we ultimately learned more about our own individual styles, but also developed, and honed, our sound and musical vocabulary as a band. When we started writing this record, we were surprised at how much we had to say ourselves. These songs were absolutely influenced by the new music, and old, that we listened to while performing on the cruise. What started out as us writing a song per week, ended up being thirty songs in total, all influenced by music we love to listen to.

Kendra: Going off your latest single, what’s the best way you can “Make It On Your Own?”

Christian: For us, “Make It On Your Own” is about creating our own definition of success; deciding what you want, and giving everything you’ve got to achieve it. This song was one of the first ones we wrote for the record. Early on, we knew that we wanted to write the album that we were missing from our record collections. One that fit in with other favourites, and that we wanted to listen to when we were driving. “Make It On Your Own” set the standard for the rest of the album, and how it felt to write a song we loved.

Kendra: Come the end of January you’ll be dropping your debut, Modern Jukebox. Are you more nervous or excited to finally share it with the world?

Christian: We’re really excited to share this album. From the first writing session, to the release date, spans over three years. We really took our time, and ended up with a collection of songs that we connect with and hope others will as well. We talked frequently about our favourite records, and what made them special. In the end, we trimmed down to our favourite ten songs, out of thirty. By the time we got to the studio to record these ten tracks, we were ready for our producer Michael Chambers to take over, and turn these ideas into tangible experiences for a listener.

Kendra: Will you be touring around then?

Christian: We have a few dates announced for the rest of this year, and there will definitely be more shows planned around the release date. We’re proud to call ourselves a band, and playing live is how we grow. We pride ourselves on the hours we’ve spent on stage together, making mistakes in front of an audience, and then being dumb enough to do it all over again. These are definitely songs that were written to be played live. The opportunity to perform our songs for people who want to hear them, and maybe even move to them, is the reason we do this and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2017!

Kendra: Usually I have people make a longer mixtape, but since we’re having a quick chat – what’s one song you’d have to have on your personal jukebox?

Christian: The Rolling Stones – “Beast of Burden

Now for this week’s tour news and video picks! First up, The Swamp Stompers are going to be heading out tomorrow and will be on and off the road through January 26. In December Venus and the Moon all start their run on the 7th in The Satellite and will cross the country until they wind down in Tennessee. Come January Fossil Youth will be out with Everyone Leaves the 12th through the 29th. You can check out those dates above! You can also be sure to check out Fossil Youth who’s on tour now through the 23rd. Last up, Delicate Steve will start February 3 in New York and will end in Pennsylvania in early April. Now for this week’s video picks!

July Talk “Picturing Love”

Roxanne de Bastion “RUN”

Tinariwen “Sastanàqqàm”

Louise Golbey “Please Don’t”

Fresh Snow “I Can’t Die”


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