The Meltaways: s/t 7″

While the riot grrrl movement was something I missed out on on the ‘90s as I was more concerned with getting the latest Fashion Avenue ensemble for my Barbies than music at the time, I appreciate that style with all my heart. That fast, aggressive punk that holds no apologies. Yasss, it’s something I find myself wanting more of now that I’m over the whole Barbie thing. That’s why The Meltaways s/t 7″ was the jam this week as I sat in a hotel room waiting to return to my new apartment.

The Meltaways last record was quick, aggressive and a quick listen. The longest song that clocked in at barely two and a half minutes. This time around the New Yorkers stayed with the length but the pace calmed down a bit. The first half of the EP was way more chill. “Friends First” and “Enough” didn’t have the rapid delivery found on the previous record but with that, it was easier to actually take in the lyrics. Once those two had their time in the spotlight, in came the sound I was used to with “Home” and “Flight.” The end of the record came through with the prestine riot grrrl spirit.

Long gone are my days of loving my Barbie collection, and in is my connection to the music realm. With that came a love of music like what The Meltaways deliver on s/t 7″. If you’re a fan of punk, or live for the riot grrrl scene, then check out this record – out now.


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