#FBF: That Time The Academy Is…Cast Out the Fat Kids

November will bring back a few memories based around band interactions that were outside of shows. Be it dueting on a Disney favorite or this week’s – that one time The Academy Is…basically hated on fat kids, but gave us pizza so we really didn’t care all that much in the end. The year, god…it may have been a decade ago now. I mean, TAI was releasing their second album that I’d never really care about, and they were shooting a video in Hollywood. We woke up, headed down and sat in the heat alongside some ladies who looked no different than us.

My bestie and I started to notice that the only ones not inside were all on the plus size spectrum and of course that sucked. Not just skinny guys and girls like music and want to interact in cool things their favorite bands do. I would’ve said something but then a huge pizza was delivered for those inside and fuck them – we got our share first. Plus, by the end I think we got in for like one or two takes. WOW. I have never noticed if I’m even in it because it’s for one of the most horrible/annoying songs ever created. You’ve got a big mess? No, you have a big pile of crap as far as a song goes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have started this month of memories on a sour note, but it’s a mental note that has always stuck with me because at the time meeting Pete Wentz was basically like meeting the Pope, and he popped up at the end of the shoot where he took pictures with those who asked and was pretty nice. It’s funny to look back on how excited you were to meet someone. Then, again it was like I was a devout Catholic meeting the man in the giant hat. Now, it’s more like…why are we even in the same space? Really, I’d be quite confused to ever be in Pete’s presence today. Same goes with TAI as well. After breaking my heart with that last album show, I would like to keep them as a nostalgic note from here on out.

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