GML: Moving Day!

This week has been a very hectic one as I waited until last minute to pack my shit to move on Saturday. Ugh, why did LA Comic Con and Halloween have to be this weekend? With that, I am rushing around trying to get two apartments packed and cleaned up. Plus, I have a 5am wake up time for Saturday to do a quick SAT proctoring session before heading home to pack a truck and head to our new place. Lawndale, what’s good? What’s good is that I can walk to Target and the grocery store in 10 minutes. So with that, I am going to get right to some tour news and some videos, and hopefully be back to normal within a week or so…

Tonight Hello Shark starts their two week run in Maryland. Come Monday Minor Moon will be out for a week heading from Connecticut to New York. On the 9th you can catch LA’s own Hit Bargain on the east coast for a handful of dates. At the end of the month fans of Dave Matthews can check him out on the 27th in DC for his Standing Rock Benefit Show. Then there’s Wednesday who won’t be out on the road until the start of 2017. You can check out her dates below.


Casey McQuillen “Come Back To Me”

Joseph Hein “In The Sunshine”

Temptress “Guilty Pleasure”

Noga Erez “Dance While You Shoot”

Middle Kids “Your Love”


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